cloud token 如何区分真假区块链钱包?

一、Cloud Token的四大核心优势是哪些?
Real time wallet transaction–实时钱包交易
Able to get instant gratifications/ earnings into your own wallet address–实时收益转到自己的钱包地址;
Secure and impenetrable backend system–安全和防盗系统
Easily personalise as it is a mobile app–方便个性的移动端
the wallet can be imported by any other kind of wallet…even into your TREZOR or LEDGER NANO, IMTOKEN, etc…
钱包可以被置入到其他钱包中,例如TREZOR, LEDGER NANO, IMTOKEN等等…
Can view public chain information on a third-party platform?
Our real wallet can be differentiated when you click “ see on block explorer” button. All your transactions can be seen on the explorer which reflects real time the data being written on to the blockchain network.
Wallet transactions should be 1:1 of transactions did by the user and won’t have other members transactions in there. The crypto asset that you deposit into the address, is the address that will send your crypto asset out. Just like your bank account… i put money in DBS bank account… then i request widthdraw money… but records shows money come from OCBC bank… then you know it’s a centralized wallet solution/fake wallet.
A miner fee is required. Only fake wallets do not require mining fees. Miner fees can also be seen on the block browser. If you can’t see it, it’s a fake wallet;
wallet address can be checked with multiple blockchain explorers.
not just 1… but multiple, all should look and say the samething.
Regardless of wallet that are build or not build on the blockchain network, as long as the private key are compromised, the cryptocurrency stand a chance to be stolen.
If transaction can be completed in seconds… it’s fake. no public blockchain in this world can complete transaction that fast.
It’s slow because it needs to confirm with all the nodes in the network.
It’s expensive because it needs nodes in the network to accept the transaction into the block.
We use a series of security technology method to ensure private key is secure. Security Sockets Layer (SSL)-SSL is required as it is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
使用Security Sockets Layer (SSL)(安全协议)来确保私钥的安全的, 因为它是用于在服务器和浏览器之间建立加密链接的标准安全技术,此链接可确保在服务器和浏览器之间传递的所有数据 保密性和完整性。
F&B Chain for 600 cafes, supply technology& payment (Singapore).
成功开发F&B Chain,为600家咖啡馆提供技术和支付(新加坡)
九、Cloud token与别的钱包的差异在哪里?
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